Gamma 2023 Strategy


Gamma’s Leadership Team has a defined 2023 Strategy:

Strategy: We have created a strategy competency and crafted Gamma’s 2023 strategy:

  • Thorough internal process: +50 1-2-1 interviews, multiple workshops including the SLT and Board, and +10 internal workstreams.
  • Robust insights gathering: +100 reports compiled and analysed through advanced BI analysis, interviews with analysts and with both channel partners and customers.
  • Externally supported by Outvise experts: a team of seasoned management consultants with relevant telecommunications and digital experience.

M&A: We have developed a strong capability within Gamma to support our inorganic growth ambitions:

  • Created an M&A capability, utilising both internal and external resources, to successfully execute this aspect of our growth strategy.
  • Established a European Board to co-ordinate and manage our M&A activities.
  • A highly targeted approach to evaluating acquisition opportunities.
  • Supported by a thorough approach towards market / country analysis and developed a methodology and approach to evaluating and integrating acquisition targets.


2023 Strategy

Gamma’s strategy is based in four key strategic priorities that will allow Gamma to be at the forefront of the markets & competition by 2023.

Download 2023 Strategy Plan