Carbon Neutral

Our network was the first to go carbon neutral in its sector.

Gamma is dedicated to safeguarding the environment through maximising the efficiency of our IP-based network (and other assets) combined with an ongoing active offset management programme.

This commitment has been a success to date, reflected by our certification as a CarbonNeutral® company. This means we have calculated and offset all emissions associated with the operations of our business (scopes 1 and 2).  Gamma’s services and solutions are delivered through our independently-owned network that was the first to go carbon neutral in its sector.

Certified Carbon Neutral Company

Charitable work

Raising money for great causes.

Gamma raises funds for local, national and international charities each and every year. For instance, individual Gamma sites hold in-office events on a regular basis such as our MacMillan Cancer Trust bake-offs.

Larger cross-company events are also held annually including the Gamma Ball Rally, which sees Gamma employees and stakeholders buying old cars before competing to make it first to a European location. To date, the rally has raised over £600,000 for Action Through Enterprise and SpecialEffect.

 Gamma is also committed to supporting individual charitable endeavours. For example, employees who want to take on voluntary work are paid time off by Gamma for any volunteering initiatives they wish to pursue.



Gamma is proud to offer apprenticeship programmes introduced in areas such as Customer Support, IT, HR, Infrastructure Support and Software Development. We continue to assist apprentices to obtain valuable work experience, to continue their education and to gain nationally recognised qualifications and we have a good track record of offering permanent employment at the end of these apprenticeships and expanding opportunities for apprentices across the business remains a priority for Gamma.