The following statement is for Gamma Communications plc in the UK.

In response to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, Gamma has taken mitigating steps to address the pandemic. The health and safety of our people, customers, partners and suppliers is paramount to us and we are continuously monitoring the situation and any recommendations from public health authorities.

In the UK, Gamma direct and wholesale are certified to the ISO22301 business continuity standard and our businesses are fully prepared for site closures and remote working. All staff are working from home where roles permit and this has been working successfully since March 2020. Our COVID-19 planning over the last six months has transitioned our business to a stable state and normalised the way we work in an unpredictable environment and therefore we view the risk of any disruption to customer services as minimal.

As Government rules are adjusted in response to the spread of the pandemic, we have been implementing policy around our business continuity planning and you can view Gamma’s COVID-19 response status here.

We are also working closely with our technology partners and suppliers to assure continuity of hardware supply across our products and services.

Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, Gamma remains in a strong trading position; we are well placed and prepared to see this period through and so our customers, partners and suppliers should have confidence in the services that we continue to provide them.